Monday, January 7, 2013

6 Ways You Can Do To Reduce Excessive Anxiety

1. Bath with warm water
Bath with warm water is one of the most effective ways to enjoy and appease the human senses. To benefit more, add a bit of lavender oil or dried lavender flowers into the tub and soak that feeling calmer.

Lavender has been used for 2,000 years as a medicine to calm the nerves. If you do not have enough time to shower and immediately wanted to deal with anxiety, a little dab lavender oil on the temples and forehead, and sat quietly for a few minutes.

2. Manage your breath
Anxiety will fade away just to regulate breathing. Take a deep breath slowly in a sitting position, then put one hand on her stomach. Inhale slowly so your stomach expands under your hands, but you do not keep your shoulders up.

Hold your breath for four or five seconds, then slowly exhale. Repeat this technique until you feel calmer.

3. Avoid drinking caffeinated beverages
Limit your intake of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea or soft drinks when you’re hit by anxiety. Studies show that people with anxiety symptoms may be more sensitive to caffeine than others.

4. Aerobic Exercise
Aerobic exercise is the best anxiety reliever. Try to walk briskly for 30 minutes to stimulate the release of endorphins, the chemicals that serve to overcome the pain and improve mood.

5. Meditation
Meditation can be done by way of solemn prayer, caring for flowers or even observing the movement of the fish in the aquarium. It is included in the activities you need to do meditation for 15 minutes a few times a day to get rid of excessive anxiety.

By focusing attention on these activities, you will be free from the thoughts that create anxiety.

6. Consuming of vitamin B
If you are hit by anxiety, try to take a B-complex multivitamin every day. Studies show that the body needs vitamin B6 to make serotonin, a hormone deficiency may contribute to cause anxiety.