Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips for Getting Your Kids Interested In Exercise?

  • Think outside the park. Not all kids are drawn to organized sports, so look for activities your child will enjoy – dancing, swimming, martial arts or whatever you think will appeal to them. It may take some trial and error before yours finds the right fit.
  • Join in the game. Encourage fitness by taking a family hike, a game of catch, jump rope of hopscotch… whatever works for your kids.
  • Limit screen time. Limit kids’ screen time (TV, surfing the net or video games) to no more than one to two hours a day. And be sure to practice what you preach – this means you, too!
  • Give positive feedback. Out-of-shape children need to hear encouragement for reaching small goals, like walking or biking further than last time.
  • Make it fun. Little children love to stretch like a cat, run like a dog or jump like a bunny.   And grade schoolers still enjoy free play the most whether it’s indoors or outside. And don’t forget your ‘tweens or teens. Just put on a dance video game to get them energized.

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